During summer break, KCLC offers programming that begins in mid-June and ends in mid-August. We are known to be one of the funnest and most affordable Summer Camps in Portland, OR.

Daily activities include, Art Projects, Science Exploration, Music, Theater, Group Games, Field Trips, and Free Choice Play.


Kids going into Kindergarten enjoy the same activities, and field trips as the 1st-6th grade, while spending a portion of their day as a small group for activities and rest time.  

Grades 1st-4th

This program offers mixed age programming for kids going into 1st through 4th grade.  Morning sessions are spent in smaller groups, and all other activities, field trips, and free choice is spent as a large group.  

Grades 5th-6th

Our programming for 5th and 6th graders offers more advanced explorations into the kinds of skills and leadership opportunities that students at this age are capable of.  Programming will provide structure while also allowing campers to follow their interests.  Students in this group take additional field trips and spend a portion of their week preparing an activity for the younger students.