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Michael koopman, executive director

Michael Koopman attended the University of Oregon, where he received a Bachelors in Theatre Arts. Originally from La Grande, a small town in Eastern Oregon nestled in the Blue Mountains, he settled in Portland after a stint in New York City. A part-time job working with children at the Kids Community Learning Center changed everything. He found a profession that he cared about more than acting, and devoted his life to Education.

Michael attended Lewis & Clark University, where he received his education credentials, and took a four year break from KCLC to gain classroom experience teaching fourth and fifth grade at Trillium Charter school along with one year as a school administrator. Michael is thrilled to return to KCLC as the Executive Director.  His hopes are to continue the legacy KCLC has had for the past 40 years.  

In his spare time, Michael enjoys camping with his friends, visiting his friend in Hawaii and making trips back home in La Grande, OR.

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leslie paiva, program coordinator

Leslie Paiva has been working with KCLC for nearly 10 years. As KCLC’s program coordinator, Leslie directs KCLC’s day to day programming, from curriculum to clubs and everything in between. Leslie is also responsible for coordinating KCLC events, such as Family Night.

Leslie Paiva holds a Bachelors degree in Printmaking from San Francisco State University. Leslie is passionate about fostering the creativity of our next generation of artists. Through her art and sewing clubs at KCLC, Leslie has the opportunity to share her passion for creative design with the KCLC community. Her favorite KCLC moments are the ones that are full of art and magic.

In her free time, Leslie loves camping and exploring the natural beautiful of the Pacific Northwest and working on her own sewing projects.


rae stevenson, team support specialist

Rae Stevenson is a recent graduate from Portland State University, where her interdisciplinary course of study centered feminist, critical and cultural pedagogy, and the voices of underrepresented groups. Rae has had the privilege of working with learners from a variety of age groups and backgrounds, supporting education nonprofits from here in Portland to Jacmel, Haiti. Through her work with children and young adults, Rae has developed a passion for building dynamic, inclusive learning communities where every student's story is valued and integrated.

Rae has been working with KCLC since just after graduating high school - over 5 years ago now! This year she is joining the admin team in a new role supporting the staff and students with special projects, daily activities and music program scheduling. Rae is also responsible KCLC’s online presence, including the website and monthly e-newsletter.